Pretend to be dead. If after

Pretend to be dead. If after You let to it know that time for a dream came, and your unique task now to make so that both of you were transferred to the country of dreams.

Pretend to be dead.

If after all this the child on former is active, use a last resort pretend to be that you already sleep.

Lie near it and do not move see a question of the child, liking to play at night, on page Eventually the child will calm down and will join you.

Week, and even two can be demanded, but sooner or later he will understand that is so got in this house.

Let's to the child be tired.

If your kid few has some and he did not see you all day or it aggravated fear of loneliness, it can not want to be separated from you for the night and to fall asleep in due time.

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Try to calm

Try to calm The child, starting to go, can dozing walk about on a bed, and wakes up finally when hits about a wall.

Try to calm the krovatny nightbird, without lifting shu.

Without taking out it from a bed, try, that he again fell asleep talk, calmin put a hand to it on a back and when it will lay down on a mattress, continue to stroke on a back with frequency of movements in a minute, gradually weakening pressure while he will not fall asleep strong.

TURNS IN OUR BED TOO MUCH It is pleasant to us that ours the child sleeps with us, but now it herds so to turn that nobody can fall asleep.

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And so proceeds, while

And so proceeds, while He wants to adapt to the new environment and to receive former conveniences.

Discrepancy of this desire with real possibility generates an internal stress and the external type of behavior called by concern.

The concern helps parents to understand, when to the child it is good, and when is not present, after all his shout means Return to me a womb.

And so proceeds, while it will not mature enough, that itself to calm.

Let's assume that the child did not lose belly conditions that for it they as though still exist right after the birth it placed on a warm parent stomach, the parent breast supports it both physically, and emotionally, in the afternoon it carries in the cozy scrappy holder, and at night he sleeps near parents.

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She so took

She so took Parents offered a choice either jeans, or birthday.

The girl chose jeans very much it would not like to lag behind schoolmates.

As a result it.

did not receive anything.

There is no money so by it was told.

She so took offense that remembers it still.

I understand, what with money it was heavy, but really it was impossible to talk, explain with me Really it was necessary to spoil simply to me a holiday And why to me then provided a choice Would make silently, as always! What to do, if the child manipulates parents The one who wants to influence crowd, needs fraudulent seasoning.

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Moreover, contemporaries

Moreover, contemporaries If in the company sex is considered a symbol of success and by this principle there is a division of people in group, it can force to show the teenager sexual activity only from desire to correspond to the standards accepted in this company.

Moreover, contemporaries often expect from the teenager of acquisition of sexual experience in earlier age and consider those who refuses to participate in it, unmodern, backward, people of the second grade.

The relation of the teenager to sex very important point in development of the personality which shows degree of its individual psychological maturity, personal system of values, ability to see undesirable consequences.

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